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28/11/2021 - Enregistrement 4 - 1:34:40 40:650 - Knowledge of the Sentinels

(Q - apollo: yesterday I asked you the question: you didn't know the sentinels at all before going there, never seen them, never heard of them, so that throws off the tracks of many researchers )

MB : oh well why? Everyone knows what I know or not?

(Q - apollo: for years you have been roaming the forums)

MB : through this journey of puzzles I discovered things that I didn't know.

(Q - apollo: the Saint-Martin terminals, here is the Dabo track, it collapses - 30 to 40% of the researchers)

MB : you will end up paralyzing me, you don't take my words at all at face value - but what are you talking about, I didn't break anything at all. You are going too far, I am not Max Valentin so my words cannot be considered from the same angle. You should not interpret my words like that, I will no longer dare to answer you. The purpose of the discord is that I'm talking about cash, I tell you I didn't know them, there's nothing special to deduce from it.

(Q - Tina: I have the impression that there is still a misunderstanding, perhaps the habit of speaking with you, in the debate that Dabo I understand, what we would like to know, did you know the sentinels as essential for tourism or did you know about the Bornes Saint-Martin (you had never heard of them before playing the owl)

MB : you are no better than the others [laughs]. I know that I didn't tell you anything, you shouldn't imagine that there was anything in my words, I know my subject well enough to know despite everything where the danger lies.