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28/11/2021 - Enregistrement 4 - 1:18:30 30: SS - SuperSolution Form

(Q - ??: a question was asked to you and you answered that the super solution is rather a sentence and not a demonstration...)

MB : yes so where are you going with this?

(Q - ??: exactly your answer?)

MB : so the super solution is rather a sentence and not a demonstration, in parentheses the length may depend on the researcher's capacity for conciseness, and I answered a sentence at most but that's it. What makes you
is a problem?

(Q - ??: so that would mean that the super solution is a sentence?)

MB : but I didn't say it was a sentence, I said a sentence or more, it wasn't me who wrote a sentence, I said a sentence or more.
I don't understand the meaning of the question, what do you imagine the super solution could be?

(Q - ??: in your answer a sentence in fact that's why)

MB : wait, wait, wait, we're talking about a written document, if you tell someone you draw a line, from there to there, you draw something, you do this, you calculate that, you make a spiral at 4 centers, you trace it like that, and end up at such and such a place, that's what I'm waiting for in the answers, it's not the drawing with the demonstration in full, that doesn't interest me, that can't be done be checked and the bailiff won't be able to check it, it's too long, he won't read all that.

(Q - ??: Michel I will try to explain the problem, the great solution, in fact the researchers are trying to find out if it is a simple sentence like menhir three meters to the east or if, on the precise map, we draw lines and it is the intersection of lines...)

MB : you know as I do that Max Valentin never wanted to get started on this subject, he always refused to respond to anything related to the super solution so I'm not going to do it. When I talk to you about this, I would like us to stay at the first level, be kind to me, I am not a demiurge, I am not trying to fool you or throw subliminal sentences at you, I am simply telling you , if you ask me the question of knowing the super solution is rather a sentence and not a demonstration, I will tell you a sentence or more, but it is something which can be written, which can be described, when you say a demonstration I don't really know what that means.
It's necessarily a demonstration since you arrive at a place, so the vocabulary can be manipulated in all directions, but ultimately it translates into writing in a few sentences, we say here I did that, I did that that, I arrive at this place, then I did that, I did that, I did that and that's it and I found the exact spot and then that's it. That's what I wanted to tell you, there's nothing mysterious I mean and I
don't exclude anything.
You don't have to be, you're all a little paranoid about the answers that may be given to you, you have to be cool, I'm not trying to do anything confusing to you. You tell me is it a sentence, well yes obviously, it will be told with one or more sentences, that's what I wrote.

(Q - Belloq: the researcher was asking the question at face value I think, the nature of the super solution in the game, not the way we are going to describe it to you..)
(Q - ??: this is precisely where I have doubts in fact, that's why the question is asked)

MB : okay

(Q - Belloq: you answered a question in the 1st degree in fact...)

MB : ok, I don't want to talk about the content of the great solution, it's not up to me to do that, I was talking about how to propose your great solution if you had to do it with the bailiff, that's all, after the rest it is obvious that resulting from the solution of eleven enigmas, there is necessarily a demonstration it is completely logical, it is linked with everything else it is obvious.)

(Q - azfo: yes but some researchers think that this is not the way this super solution presents itself, it is not based on
words, sentences even if it's a little bit telegraphic I don't know what, I think it could be graphic, there are some who are not in the idea that it could be assimilated, let's say, to a sentence.. .)

MB : this is what makes the difference between those who think that there is a sentence and those who think that it is not, inevitably in both cases there are some who are perhaps closer to the truth than the others, but it's not for me to tell you which ones.